The cashmere knitwear is produced by artisan craftsmen in the world famous town of Hawick – the historical home of cashmere in the Scottish Borders. The specialist knitting techniques originating in the area such as ‘hand intarsia’ are embraced by Queene and Belle with some of the graphic images used on the designs taking up to 12 hours to knit a single piece. The local heritage, craftsmanship and inherent love of quality are the passions that make up a Queene and Belle.

Acquiring Queene and Belle not only endows you with a beautiful garment but gives you the satisfaction that you are contributing to a local community and helping keep alive their skills and traditions.

“My family has worked within the local knitwear industry for generations, my grandfather Alexander Mitchell pictured here was an artisan hand knitter for Pringle of Scotland and latterly Braemar, he travelled to luxury department stores and exhibitions demonstrating hand knitting and hand intarsia knitting so consumers could see the skill, technique and time involved in producing a beautiful piece of cashmere.”